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Bending stress exceeds material strength causing tools to snap off.
Caused by wrong working angle or use of tool for mechanical leverage.
Failure generally occurs near tool bushing’s front face.
Failure type is brittle fracture with typical lip formation.
No Replacement Under Warranty
Blank firing will incur heavy wear on tool pin groove.
Breaking the tool at groove area.
No Replacement Under Warranty
The section shows a vibration fracture
emanating from inside the working tool.
This fracture can only be the result of a
material flaw.
Replacement Under Warranty
Over heating of tool due to driving the tool end into
hard dense material for too long period of time without
penetration will incur fast wear in tool end.The over
heating will soften the tool end causing it to mushroom
and peal.
No Replacement Under Warranty
Caused by wrong selection of tool.
Chisel can be used only for breaking soft materials.
No Replacement Under Warranty